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Bank import from GoCardless

Is this possible?

I could not find Go Cardless as an option for imports…


Hi @OvidiuS

It may be possible if you can download a .CSV file with a list of transactions from GoCardless.

You would simply import this using “Other” as the bank and you can manually map the columns.

Thanks for your quick reply - just so I can understand - do I need to get rid of some columns before actually doing the import?

Go Cardless exports lots of information such as names, addresses, references, links, so on… Do I need to delete them before attempting the import?

No need to delete them, you can simply ignore these when you map the columns. The important thing is to ensure you have the required columns for the import:

  • Date
  • Description
  • Value (Either as one column or are separate Money In / Money Out)

I would recommend however trying it on an empty bank account first just to be sure it works as expected. It’s much easier to empty a new bank account than one with transactions already in :wink:

This guide may help:
Importing your bank statement

Thanks - much appreciated

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