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Barclays Feed Not Working 23 Oct 15

I tried to export transaction but got error messages, now the link to export to quickfile on the drop down menu has disappeared altogether.

Hi @mac,

When you say you tried to export transactions, what screen are you doing this from please? I believe the Barclays feed runs automatically and doesn’t require any exports (although, I don’t use the feed myself so I may be wrong!)

From my online account in Barclays, the auto feeds have never worked.

If you’re using the Google chrome feed, there’s probably a good chance that Barclay’s have changed something which would cause it to break. The direct feed is the best way to go as this is more reliable.

If you would like me to help with the feed, can you tell me what the issues were previously please?

I didn’t know I had issues as only recently set up the account. I’m logged into barclays now & I don’t get the quickfile menu at all.

Apologies, as you said “the auto feeds have never worked”, I assumed you had issues.

Have you tried following the knowledge base article for the Barclays feed?

Yes bank feed is set up in quickfile

What error messages are you receiving please?

I can’t get any error message now because the link to export data to quickfile on the export drop down box
has disappeared.

Sorry its appeared again, error message;

Export Failed!
Incorrect account number or authentication key. Please ensure you have enabled file imports on your Quick File account and the credentials supplied are correct.

“Now, with the Chrome Extension installed head over to your online banking area. You will now see a settings panel hovering at the top of the screen like the one below.”

There is no hovering panel.

Ok, I think there’s a bit of confusion here. Are you using the Google chrome extension in your browser, or the Barclay’s feed in QuickFile?

I’ve tried both, neither are working.

Ok, so I would suggest you use the built in feed as it would be more reliable.

Can you confirm the following please?

  1. You’ve set up a memorable passcode and word via the Barclay’s web site? (as per the instructions here)
  2. You’ve entered your account number, surname, membership number, password and memorable word on the QuickFile set up screen (as per the below)?
  3. All the details entered are correct?

(get to this screen from your bank overview screen):

I don’t have that link, but the bank feed is set up already, is enabled & shows the import key

What link are you referring to? Do you mean the blue ‘setup bank feed’ button?

If so, click on Modify:

Change the bank to Barclays:

And save it. Then if you go back to the bank overview screen, the button should appear.

The import key is for the Chrome extension, not the Barclays feed

Ok yes done that, I don’t see anywhere in barclays account to change passcode & memorable word

When you log into your actual Barclay’s account, you should see a tab ‘Account Services’. If you access that menu, you should see an option of changing these details:

bear in mind - I don’t actually have access to a Barclay’s account, so it may have changed compared to the above screenshot

sorry found it !

ok now says next feed set for 4am

We’re getting there! :blush:

That’s correct. The feed runs once a day at 4am.

Your new Barclays feed will always start from the date you set up the feed on QuickFile. It doesn’t go back and retrieve historical data from your account.

So here you have a couple of options:

  1. If you’ve come from another accounting package, you could import a trial balance
  2. You could enter an opening balance for your account
  3. You could import all the previous transactions from your account.

Importing a Trial Balance
This will vary depending on your previous software - you would have to refer to them to see how to do that, unless it’s Sage or Quick books:
Sage - Importing a Sage Trial Balance
Quick books - Importing a Sage Trial Balance

Enter an opening balance
Go back to the bank management screen, and modify the bank account. Tick the opening balance box, and enter the details:

Importing previous transactions
Take a look here: