Braintree vs Stripe

thanks. Another choice is to use stripe not braintree - what is your api support on stripe, as good as paypal? i.e pulls in transactions per customer?

on another note, do you know if at an accounts level we have to track each transaction per customer (our average sale is over £50), if we can just account for the bulk weekly payment from brainttree/stripe and not have to allocate/break it down to each customer then it will all be fine, we still have that customer level detail in braintree, but not in the QF accounts, but we only do abbreviated accounts to hmrc anyway, do you know? (as you do our end of year accounts)


Hi Darren,

I’ve moved your post to a new topic to keep the ‘voting’ for Braintree separate to your queries.

We support Stripe in that we allow payment through QuickFile for invoices. Again however, Stripe also integrates with Zapier so you could use that to pull in a live statement for external transactions.

This topic basically outlines Stripe in QuickFile and how to set it up.

You don’t have to track individual sales, you can bulk log them in QuickFile. Take a look at this topic from yesterday, and this topic. The concept would be the same.

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