Bulk confirmation for autotags

I would like to know if it is possible to bulk confirm the autotags.
I am creating all the autotags and I do not want to put it completely automatic until I have tested it for a while.
But now I get all the “confirms” and I do not see a way to confirm them in bulk.
is there any way to do this?
If not I would like to propose this feature.


Hi @expertoswp

This isn’t possible at the moment, but I’ve moved this into a feature request for you.

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and more characters to complete this.

This is an example of something fairly easy to implement, as everything is already there, you only need to simplify the UX and add some settings.
But 1 year and not even a comment. :frowning:

Hi @expertoswp

As I mentioned in my other post, I’m not able to comment on the complexity of implementing such features unfortunately, as I’m not part of the development team.

However, I can see that there’s only one vote for this, which is yourself, so there doesn’t seem to be much of an interest in this feature within the community at this time.

Forget about it.
I will not be part of this community so you can do whatever you want.
What an answer…

I would also like this feature, seems an oversight that its not there to be honest.

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@QFMathew @Glenn
This feature Bulk delete unused auto-tagging rules - #4 by Glenn
Had 1 vote, no comments and was developed an implemented on 10 days.
Maybe this client was a premium one or maybe you just liked it more. There is no way to know.
But it seems votes and comments are not the only thing to consider for features.
It seems it is more luck.

Yes there’s more to it than that, but it remains an important factor. We get a long tail of different suggestions here, many of them are often cited as an “easy fix”, but that’s often not the case. We often have other critical areas we must prioritise… things like tax policy changes, api version updates and other scaling challenges that are time consuming, bound by strict deadline and cannot be deferred.

Since you started this thread we introduced a traffic light system for auto-tagging that should help in this situation. You can set these rules to require manual confirmation and then when you’re happy with the behaviour you can then set to auto tag. All new tagging rules created dynamically are set to manual confirmation (amber) so you have time to review and approve.


Maybe I’m missing some detail here but I am not sure about the wisdom of bulk confirming multiple entries without seeing what rule they’re matched to. I am not sure how this delivers an improved UX?

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May I am the only one but your post is more confusing for me. I would say, use auto-tag and click the green point for your rule and everthing will be tagged automatically. It is the same as ticking every transaction and bulk-confirm the auto-tag. If you tick, for example, 30 transactions to confirm the auto-tag how would you make sure it is posted/tagged correctly - you have to check each one separately. You have to do this step anyway. And when you are happy you can use the green circle in your rule.
Maybe I miss something but in my eyes the auto-tag option with the green circle does exactly what you want to do with bulk confirmation.
Maybe you can explain it a bit better.

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If I use autotag and click the green point, then everything will be automated.
But I want to wait until I am sure the autotag is correct and won´t collect the wrong transactions.
So I use the Yellow one at the beginning.

Example 1:
Then you wait X days, and you can go there and see if the autotag worked and changed it to Green.
So far so good.
The problem is that now i have N transactions from the past X days that need to be “confirm” manually.
Example 2:
I do not trust the autotag completely and I want to confirm manually all of them.
But there are 1000 of them that has been tagged correctly and they only need now to be confirmed.

There is no way to say to the system:
“Please confirm all of them on this view”
Leave the autotag in yellow, but confirm all of them from this list at once.
The only way to do this is click on every single confirm button manually.

A link to a screenshot on how it looks like today on one of my accounts:
I would like to be able to confirm all those with a bulk solution, not clicking the one by one.
I still do not want to change it to Green, because I want to review them.

I do see some merit to this if the system has staged maybe 100 transactions for manual review and you want to quickly approve them. For now I will create a ticket to get this reviewed and possibly implemented in the next 1-2 weeks.

We’d still need to think about how we convey to the user that they’re about to confirm something they haven’t checked. They may have a good idea what rule it has matched to based on the text but, that part still seems ambigous.

Thank you for looking into it @Glenn

When you do an import of feeds for banks that are not automated, at the end of the year for example, you can end up with thousands of “confirm” buttons at once.

@expertoswp we’ve now extended the “Tag Selected” button so that if you only select items with “Confirm” status a confirmation box will appear allowing you to bulk confirm all selected items on the list.

Hopefully this will allow you to work through your bank tagging a little faster.