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Bulk delete unused auto-tagging rules

I am starting to use auto-tagging on an account that has a lot of bank rules already in place. First I would like to tidy up the rules. I can see under match count that a lot are shown as zero. If there any way that you can select those items and delete those en masse? Equally is there a way that you could then select items en masse as many will be okay for auto-tagging but many will not be and it would be good if you could select many items rather than going through one by one?

Hi @Aspyre_Accountancy

We’ll be adding a checkbox column on the left of the tagging rule list so you can bulk select and delete rules. This should be ready in a few days.

That is great thank you.

A little later than planned, however we’ve now added a checkbox column so that multiple items can be selected and deleted. If you think it could be further improved just let me know.