Bulk processing entries on merchant accounts

hello Mathew its on this page https://community.quickfile.co.uk/t/accounting-for-income-from-a-payment-service-provider/8870

Lumping together sales and transaction fee totalsIn the previous example, we logged all 4 payments individually. This may well be time-consuming and in some cases, you may not want to issue an invoice directly from QuickFile. In such cases you can lump together all your payments on the merchant account and instead just enter the daily total, you can then tag this to a client called something like “Generic GoCardless Sales”.

You can do this daily, weekly, monthly, or at any interval that suits you. The same applies for the charges, rather than individually enter every single charge, just enter all the charges as one lump debit on the Merchant Account on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

For more information on bulk processing entries on merchant accounts see here. ???

I have done it as I thought but it actually shows entries in my current account on quickfile, is that correct please, the 1st line below is when the bank entry was pulled through, the other 3 lines are the ones I did to show the gross figure for stripe, the fees and the net amount which matched with the amount in my bank

This isnt urgent and can wait until Monday , thank you for your help