Bulk Send DD Pre-Authorisation


Before I go through all 223 customers one by one, and click send DD, then confirm , then the back button (3 clicks per customer). Is there a way to select multiple customers and one-click send the DD pre-authorisation?

Hi @foxguard

There isn’t a way to do this in bulk unfortunately, but I can certainly convert your thread to a feature request if you wish? This way, we’ll track interest in this feature and we’ll take a closer look if there’s enough interest from our community.

Yes that would be great please.

I too would find this very useful.

There is a way you can do this via the API. Although there’s currently no plan to bring this into the main application.

Retrieve DirectDebit link using Client_Get method

We are launching a new marketplace for 3rd party apps this year, so this would be a very good candidate!