Business mileage and vat claim

Hi - As the director of my limited company I make a claim of 45p per business mile each quarter to coincide with the vat return. I don’t generally take the money physically from the Company, so it builds up in the Directors Loan account. For instance, for the latest quarter (Dec '13 to Feb '14) I’ve claimed for 2114 business miles (and, incidentally, detailed the journeys on a form just in case they’re ever checked) at 45p per mile (=£951.30). I’m then claiming on behalf of the Company (based on an average cost of £ 1.35 per litre (for my privately owned 2.2l diesel car) for the vat element included (27.53p per litre @ 1/6 = 4.59p per mile vat) of £97.03.
In Quickfile I’m logging this as a new purchase putting ‘Business Mileage Fuel claim’ in the ‘Supplier’ section, categorising it as ‘Fuel and Oil (motor)’ with ‘fuel claim’ in 'Description. I’m then putting in a sub-total of £854.27, Vat of £97.03 (I’ve just left it saying 20% because I assume that for the purposes of the accounts/vat return it is the figures that are important, not what it says is the percentage) and the total of £951.30.
I shall then log the payment at the bottom of the purchase as having been paid from the Directors Loan Account (probably with the ‘method’ as ‘bank transfer’ although I understand this is unimportant)
If you still understand what I’m going on about, can you confirm if I’m on the right track here, or am I doing something horrendously wrong? Thanks a lot.

Sorry, I don’t really understand the steps that you’re suggesting. What I’ve already done, as outlined initially, has seemed to have been okay as far as the vat return’s concerned, and I would have thought it’s produced the right results elsewhere. But I’m probably missing something am I?

I had this exact same question Joe gave a detailed answer here VAT on Approved Mileage Claims / Advisory Fuel Rate

Even simpler you can split the 45p rate into vat able and non vat able, All you need to do is get the advisory fuel rate from HMRC and make sure that it is the correct rate (the rate for when the mileage was completed, not when claimed), say fuel add back element is 15p so vat will be applicable on 15p rate only then add two line on Mileage claim invoice

Line 1 = 30p x 2114 = net 634.20 vat 0, gross 634.20
Line 2 = 15p x 2114 = net 264.25 vat 52.85 , gross 317.10

net expense in P&L would be 898.45, vat 52.85, gross payable 951.30