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Can I pay monthly?


I am confused that my account is classed as large as I only work my business at weekends. December is not the time to get an unexpected bill threrefore is there any way I can pay direct debit, or preferably you all me access to my account to take out the information so I can change provider


Hi @nathan882

There isn’t a facility to pay monthly at the moment I’m afraid, although this is something that’s planned:

To help answer your question with your account being classified as Large, there is a report that will break everything down for you. Take a look at this post for info:


If you want to spread your payments over a longer time you could look into the Affinity platform. This is primarily designed for accountants but is open to anyone, and on Affinity charges accrue gradually on a daily basis and you top up your account as and when, rather than having to pay for a full year upfront.


Quite right! :smile:

@nathan882 - you can check out Affinity here: http://affinity.quickfile.co.uk
There’s a free trial, so you’re welcome to try it and then give it a miss if you don’t wish to continue

Or, there’s more info here:


But I cant get in to my settings now without paying!


Hi @nathan882

Bear with me, and I’ll see if we can get a copy of that report for you.

If Affinity is a route you want to look at, you should be able to sign up to it without any problems. It sets up a new account where you can then connect your existing one to it.


@nathan882 @QFMathew

Access extended on account ending 570. You may need to log out and back in for that to take effect.