Cash Register Takings - Goods with VAT and Goods with VAT to Match the Gross

Hello everyone,

I am very new to this and I do have a question, that I could not find the right answer/guidance.

We are a small retail shop selling goods with VAT (water, chocolate, alcohol etc.) and goods without the VAT. Can the software allow me to enter DGT (daily gross takings) with the VAT and goods with the VAT at the end of the day in one field as i would do in excel?

Simplifying my question – Cash Register Takings, can I enter goods with VAT and without the VAT to match up the Gross total at the end of the day Z receipt.

Goods without VAT: £100
Goods with VAT: £30
Gross Total: £130

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Hi @Lakomka

Absolutely :slight_smile:

There are 2 ways you can enter your takings in QuickFile:

  1. As an itemised sales invoice (listing the individual values for each VAT rate), or
  2. As flat figures - total card takings (if applicable), total cash takings, total VAT amount

These guides should hopefully help with this, but please let us know if you need any further pointers:

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