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Cash sales

I am trying QF to start my new tax year with and take various payment methods one being cash via the cash register function. I have noticed that the amounts are not shown in the P & L. I am I using the wrong method or doing something incorrectly?

Thanks in advance

No problem for me.
Check 1
Are invoices being created?
Check 2
Have you set up the correct nominal code for the invoices?
Check at Account Settings > Company Settings > Advanced Features (scroll to bottom of page)

Thanks for the response and I have checked as you mentioned and it is still not working!
A bit more background…
I wish to see 4 types of sales listed on the P & L
web sales (4012)
cash sales (4010)
card sales (4011)
General sales (all the companies I send invoices to and account 4000)

I have set up the nominal codes as above but only web sales and general sales are shown on the P & L. Cash & card sales all go into the general sales total.

Any help greatly appreciated

Hi @sweettreatco

How are you creating these invoices? Are you setting the nominal code in the invoice itself (by clicking the little cog)?

From the invoice preview, if you go to More Options >> Show Nominal Ledger Entries, does it show the various nominal codes there?

That seems to be my problem!! It now appears to be sorted.
Is there a way to set the nominal code as a default rather than having to input it for each invoice?


There was a feature request thread for this (Clients Default Nominal Codes) but I’m not sure if it ever floated to the top of their stack - if you comment on that thread it’ll register your “vote” for this feature.

Thanks to everyone for your help…my issue is now resolved and I have voted on the thread suggested.

Just to add to the above, if you’re using different nominal codes for different items, you can set up inventory items which presaves the VAT, description, quantity and the nominal code: Setting up reusable inventory items