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Change email on account


Folks I have set up a new account and logged over 200 entries manually.u now want to go and use the scan facility and record my invoices in a quicker way. But I have a BT Internet email address. BT won’t let me link to the receipts@quickfile.co.UK can anyone helpme to change the user name but not loose the information previously logged.andrew


The configuration for emailing receipts is independent of your main account email address - you can set up to five valid sender addresses, and your main email doesn’t have to be one of them.

But I don’t know what you mean by “link to” - the email receipts facility is simply a way to send an email from your own address to receipts@quickfile and have the attachments show up in your receipt hub. You can’t (and shouldn’t) set up rules on the email provider side to forward things automatically as the receipt hub would see them as being “from” the original sender rather than from you and they’d be discarded (unless the sender is also a QuickFile user, in which case it would end up in their hub rather than yours).


So my login email to quick file which is *******@btinternet.com and password doesn’t have to be that email to link the master receipts to the receipt hub


How does the receipt hub know how to link and send back the master receipt back to my quick file


Hi @afergie

You can set up the receipt emailing feature by going to Account Settings > 3rd Party Integrations > Email my receipts

Here you can list upto 5 email addresses that QuickFile can use to receive the receipts from. You just simply use that email address to send the receipt from, emailing it to receipts@quickfile.co.uk, and the system does the rest. It can be any email address as long as it’s yours, and unique for your account.

I hope that helps!


Have you read the receipt hub guide? I think you have a misunderstanding of how the receipt hub feature works which is maybe confusing the issue.


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