Change to Estimate/Invoices

My Client has asked the following, does anyone know if this can be done?

as far as i can see it cant.

Thanks in Advance- message below -

Is there a way that I can add a € to the quotes & invoices on Quickfile. we dont like the format of it giving you Quote total (EUR) at the bottom he wants it showing against the values rather than the word.

Hello @katyholmes

I found the below link in the forum which may help you.

Just substitute £ for € in the code

NOTE This code will add € symbol only and will not adapt for other currency’s so you may wish to save a copy of your invoice template for Euro use only.

Hi Steve

thanks for this,

were do i find the CSS to do them updates sorry? never come across that before


Hello @katyholmes

If you preview, select invoice style gallery then customise your template
Add the code in the footer region as shown below then save and refresh the page

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