Changing sale invoice payment allocation after VAT return submitted

We had 2 o/s sales invoices. 1 dated Dec for say £5,500 and 1 dated Jan’19 for £5,000. Before we ran the VAT return payment was made for £6,000 which was to settle Jan invoice and pay off £1,000 of the Dec invoice leaving an o/s balance of £4.5k for Dec.

After choosing the 2 invoices when tagging on the bank QF allocated £5,500 to the oldest invoice, £500 to the Jan invoice which we discovered after submitting the tax return.

I realise allocating to the oldest invoice is probably correct, but as this is all now locked because the VAT return has been submitted is there a way to now show a balance of £4.5k for Dec and show the Jan invoice as paid in full?

There’s a feature request for this which is not marked as implemented as yet.

There is a workaround in that thread if that helps.

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