Client Area - More information on "My Control Panel"

I was looking at the Control Panel in the Client Area, and from customers viewpoint the only information available immediately is the Invoice No. / Date / Amount / Status from QuickFile.

All this information does not help a client with a particular item as they would be looking for there order number.

So, perhaps just add another column on the control panel to show the customer’s order number.

Are you referring to the purchase ref. field? We did make another update today so that this column will appear when they view their main list of invoices. See the thread here:

I read the thread about changing status CONVERTED to INVOICED for Estimates, makes sense, and I agree the status column is useful from a customer point of view.

I logged into a Client Area for a customer but the PURCHASE REF. isn’t as yet showing on the Control Panel.

It doesn’t show in the control panel (dashboard) but it will show when you click to view the list of unpaid invoices, providing that one of the invoices has a purchase ref. set. If no invoices in the list have a purchase ref. then it hides the column.

We’re also planning to add it here:

Found the link - starting to look like Client Area is more focused on the information the client wants to see.

Thanks again,

What happens when you click on show all, status columns shows sent not paid or overdue?

The status is actually SENT for all these items although on the control panel it’s giving you a bit more information in the sense that it shows as OVERDUE. I agree that it should also show the same when you click “Show all”. Logged and pending review!