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Client creation date or referral source


When creating a new customer I would like to be able to enter how they found the business so I can track what marketing is working. But I cannot find a field suitable for this. Alternatively if this is not possible I could export my clients to a csv file, but I cannot see a date of creation meaning that if I export them monthly I will end up with many duplicates.

Hi @Johanna_Logan1

I think something like this would be more suited for a CRM system rather than an accounting system. However, you may be interested in this topic and may want to add your comments to it to show your support for the idea too.

Regarding the creation time in the export, I’ll pass this over to our development team to see what’s stored here and whether or not anything can be done. I’ll come back to you shortly.

@Johanna_Logan1 - Adding the date to the export shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve logged it with the team to look at adding this and will let you know when it goes live.


Just a quick update to let you know we’ve added a created date to the client export. Would you mind check and letting me know that this is all OK for you please?

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