Clients not receiving email

Several clients are receiving estimates.

This is very concerning and causing me to lose clients

Hi @djforme

Can I clarify - is it that your clients are receiving estimates, but not invoices, or is it any email?

How are your emails set up at the moment - from (the default), or through your own SMTP server?

I have made no changes to the account but clients are not receiving estimates when i send them out . I have asked them to check there junk mail and still nothing. I am ticking the CC button and i am receiving the copy but not the client.

The only way i can get the estimate to them is to copy and paste the email externally

If you haven’t changed anything, then I’d imagine you’re using the default set up, which uses Amazon to send emails.

In this case, if Amazon has had previous bounce backs or rejections of emails, they are usually logged to prevent further issues. Are any of your clients blocked at the moment (see this guide for info)?

The other thing to check is the sent mail log. If you go to Account Settings >> All Settings >> Sent Mail Log, this will show you any emails sent from your account. It will also show whether they were sent or blocked. It will also show you if they’ve been opened too.

I have done all you have suggested I cannot see any blocked email i have noticed that the client who have not received the estimates have not got ticks against them. however some clients are getting them is it worth changing my email to a gmail address.

Changing your email address shouldn’t make any difference, as all emails come from Your email address would be used as a ‘reply to’ email address.

If they are showing as ‘Sent’, as far as we can tell, they are being delivered all OK. It may be he case that your client’s email server is rejecting them quietly (e.g. not telling us!).

One other option we have is to remove the reply-to address on your account, by default we send from but add your email as the reply-to address. Some email servers don’t like this. By removing it however it means that your client will not be able to reply directly to the email, however the delivery success rate will likely improve.

Failing that the other option is to setup your own SMTP email server details on your account. QuickFile fully supports custom email servers.

Welcome to the wonderful world of spam filtering. Issues over the origin can be advised on by Quickfile but there are a host of other potential triggers that may create false positives.

One thing to try is sending an esitimate to one of these problem clients as an attachment rather than as a link.

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