Clydesdale Bank Mastercard

I have a Clydesdale bank current account and a clydesdale mastercard
My current account works well with yodlee but I cannot get my nastercard to register
what am I doing wrong?


Hi @rossdunbar

Are they accessible through the same log in details, or do you use a separate portal for the MasterCard?

I don’t see the MasterCard option on the supported list at this time, so unless it’s through the same interface and they use the same set up (e.g. they look and work the same functionality wise), then I don’t believe Yodlee supports it at the moment.

it used to work but after my card was replaced I cant get it to work
I do access it through the same portal as my current account

Ok, that does seem a little strange seems it worked previously.

It may be worth removing the feed and re-adding it again (More Options >> Bank Feed Settings >> Remove Bank Feed)

thats what I am trying to do but it says activate feed and when I try i cant enter the account number of the card

dont worry too much about this it looks as if the problem is with Clydesdale - not at all unusual!

They are going to change something

I can come back if it does not work after that

Thanks again

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