Confused as to what is actually being done here

I have an expense on the bank account of £120. This was then tagged as Salary, dividend or other drawings

When I went to see what it had done in the journal, it did a whole lot of stuff that I dont understand? Where on earth does the £240 come from?

This journal is what QuickFile creates if you have “post net wages to balance sheet only” turned OFF in your settings. I wrote an explanation of this in a reply on another thread a few days ago that may help clear things up

Essentially the journal is moving the money twice, from A to B and then from B to C. The fact that B (net wages) is listed in both columns is what makes the debit and credit totals look doubled, but the net effect is still just £120 moving from A to C.

Aaaah, ok. So even though it says “£240” the amount that is actually being moved is £120

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