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Looking through previous threads, I cant seem to find the answer to my issue, Our landlord charges a service charge each month, this figure can vary, at the end of the year the landlord either makes a final charge or issues a credit for overpayment, we have been issued with a credit note for an overpayment on the service charge against the previous 12 monthly payments, how do I enter this credit into Quickfile? I don’t have a specific invoice I can credit against, I thought maybe issue a credit against this months bill which is for rent and service charge, but this doesn’t seem right, the credit exceeds this value anyway.

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Hi @Rob

Has the money been refunded or held on account?

The money is held on the supplier account, just looking further, do I need to follow this solution


If the credit exceeds the last payment and is being held on account, you can fully credit note the last invoice and then partially credit note the one previous to make up the credit balance.

For those recent invoices, go into the preview screen and click “More Options” >> “Credit Note”. Then when saving the credit note be sure to check the option “Hold funds on supplier account”.


You can then utilise these credits against future invoices.

Hope that helps!

Many thanks for your help


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