Credit Note creation issue

Hi All,

We have an issue with creating credit notes in the system.
If we are trying to create one the following error message comes up:
The Invoice Number ‘CN00005’ has already been used. Please provide a unique Invoice Number.
Checked it and there is no CN00005 in the system, only …04. Neither in the archive or deleted invoices.
Cannot modify the number to …06 because this field is greyed out on the form.
Has anyone ever experienced a similar issue? Any ideas how to solve this?

Thank you,
Zsolt Kelliar


This has been seen before but this is only the second time I’ve seen it.

As per the post below, I believe the QF team have to do some magic their end. No doubt, they’ll be on the case first thing in the morning (if not before)

Thank you Parker, looking forward to their feedback tomorrow…

Will take a look for you and report back.


This is a weird multi-currency issue. The last CN you issued was 0.45 HUF, which translated to GBP equals 0.0010, this then rounds to zero. When the CN number is generated it looks at all the items with negative values in GBP, and adds one to the count, obviously in this case the zero value CN gets missed.

We have some ways we can address this, although for now we have manually re-numbered that last CN to avoid the next auto generated number colliding.

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