Credit Note Issues

Ok, as much as I love QF I find the credit note facility pretty cumbersome and awkward. It often takes many attempts and far too much lost time messing around trying to get my accounts to balance.

I’m currently pulling my hair out due the appalling company that is Waterplus (previously severn trent)

I’ve paying a monthly Direct Debit which i’ve tagged as a pre-payment to the accounts and then logging payments onto the invoices when they arrive each quarter. The problem is that during the 1st lockdown they stopped all the direct debits as bills were not being issued. They then messed up 2 direct debits which then failed. they then issued me with a credit note for an invoice in april and re-billed me with another bill to replace it with an increased amount due.

As the original invoice was only part paid due to a lack of pre-payments I cannot issue a credit against the original invoice as both the part-payment and remaining balance are not enough to cover the credit note. i cannot delete the payments to the invoice or delete the invoice as it is in a previous vat quarter and is therefore locked.

So i’m stuck with a half unpaid bill that cannot be altered or edited and a credit note i can’t issue. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi @scoobeski,

This example that was given to another user may help you: Goodwill Credit Note for Supplier

Someone keeps banging on about this constantly in the hopes something will be done about the credit notes/credit accounts handling.

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wow thats a pretty convoluted way to waste some time. doesn’t make sense right now. will have to look at that when i’m less frazzled by awkward accounts issues. maybe needs to be a 3rd way to apply a credit note - i.e. apply a credit to the account rather than to an invoice. we;ve also had a compensation payment from elavon bundled in with our card payments. lord only knows the wonky way you expect people to handle that lol

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