Customising the Client Area


We use the Estimates as a way to capture the contractual agreement of our clients, hence we’ve renamed them Agreements. This appears on there great, however, I have noticed that I don’t seem to be able to amend this in the Client Area.

Have I missed something or are we stuck with it saying Estimates?


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Take a look at @Glenn’s post here:

Hey Parker,

Thanks for your prompt reply! My searching this morning clearly was inadequate (as that post really did answer the question :frowning:)

That makes sense and I understand you’re busy, but if it could be added to the list that would be great - I’m not particularly bothered what it’s called on the company side, but am keen for things to be consistent in the client areas.

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This is a great idea, although in all honesty I’d rather see both, rather than you be able to change the name on Estimates.

Reason being, we still need to have the ability to send an estimate (not something labeled as an agreement or such like). But at the same time, we also need the ability to be able to capture customer acceptance on a contract etc.

Totally understand if this isn’t feasible, just wanted to put that out there!

When you send an estimate your client has the option to accept or decline it from their control panel.

Given that many contracts are agreed with the tick of a box these days, I’d assume that would be suffice. What you could do as an extension to that, is use web hooks to trigger a thank you email upon the change of the status, notifying your client of the change and urging them to contact you if it’s an error (covers your backside a little bit).

Although, saying that - I’m neither a legal expert nor accountant.

Sorry Mathew, I didn’t explain myself very well at all. What I meant was they can currently accept a quote, which is great, and is needed. But what’s also needed is the ability for them to read a contract/terms and conditions and then hit accept (just like they do on the estimates module). So what I’m trying to say is, it needs a separate module rather than to allow customisation of the existing one.

An exact copy of the estimates module but renamed to contracts would suffice. That and the ability to show them a contract. Could this be achieved by allowing a text/pdf file upload on a per contract basis? - As for storage concerns, put a limit so that it’ll expire after say 72 hours. At which point the uploaded file is deleted to save space. If the customer has already accepted - great, there’s a log on the system of the acceptance. If they haven’t (or they didn’t accept in time) then you have to re-upload the file.

Not the cleanest of solutions but I’ve just come up with it off the top of my head as a way of limiting storage space.

I’m not sure if this is something that could help?


Hadn’t thought of that. What a beautifully simple but elegant solution!

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In the next release you will be able to rename any reference to “Estimates” to another name of your choosing. It will be possible to change the naming using some custom CSS that would be set in the Advanced Customisation area. I am more than happy to explain how this can be done should anybody wish to implement this.

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