Disabling Recurring Invoices Automatic Emails

Can I stop emails being sent automatically from a recurring invoice in case it needs modification before the client sees it

Indeed you can.

If you edit the recurring invoice template, on the right hand side you should see two check boxes:

Just untick box, and it’ll just create and go no where (or at least, should)

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Thank you I assume that works the same way with any invoice

When you create an invoice manually (e.g. not automatically from a recurring invoice) and preview it, you will see a ‘send’ button, which will give yoi up to 4 options:

  1. Send by email
  2. Send by snail mail
  3. Mark as sent
  4. Copy the link and send it manually

Until you action any of those, the invoice won’t go anywhere. But you should at least mark it as sent, or it will remain as a draft and won’t actually be accounted for.

Similiar with an estimate, when you convert it I always select ‘Let me tweak it first’ which allows you to edit it before it going anywhere.

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