Dropbox for multi-users

I have set up dropbox to import all my receipts as suggested in your tutorials… and it works very well! But it would be good if my business partner could do the same as we are often working in different locations. I note that I cannot share the dropbox folder… so can we setup multiple watch folders in different Dropbox accounts all feeding the same receipt hub?

If not, can you suggest another simple way of uploading receipts, other than emailing them in small groups…

P.S. we both use Quickfile on our own laptops and each have an individual dropbox folder.

Hi @NeilJGarner

Unfortunately this isn’t possible at the moment. We only support one connection per account. Due to the permissions that Dropbox sets, you’re not able to share the folder.

I’ve moved this a feature request, and we’ll let you know if anything changes here.

Thanks… Exactly as I suspected.
I’m sure that uploading by emailing 4 or 5 receipts at a time will suffice in the mean time.

If Google is an option and you can be bothered to jump through the hoops to set it up, then my Google Drive integration might be an alternative, and I know you definitely can use a shared folder as the source there because I do that myself.

Thanks Ian, I will take a look.