DropBox: Time for alternative offerings

I’ve just found out that DropBox are now limiting the free account to 3 devices. This renders it useless for my requirements.

DropBox has been the only cloud storage / receipt sync solution offered by QuickFile for a number of years, and is the only reason I still have a DropBox account. I had hoped more choices would have been added by now.

Please consider adding alternatives such as OneDrive (for Business), Box and Google Drive to the list of supported integrations. Other options that could be useful may include Azure and AWS storage blobs.

P.S. For other’s affected by the DropBox limitation and while we wait for QF to develop the integrations, it should be possible to create flows that move receipts from other cloud storage vendor solutions to DropBox. Tools that will do this include:

  • Microsoft Flow,
  • Microsoft Azure LogicApps (the engine behind Flow)
  • If This Then That (ITTT)
  • Zapier

Many thanks

Now that QuickFile has an API endpoint for uploading receipts it is possible for third parties to implement the integration from their side without QuickFile staff necessarily needing to be involved. For example, I wrote a Google Drive integration using Google Apps Script (Integration with Google Drive?) and a similar thing would be reasonably easy to write in Azure Logic Apps for OneDrive.

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