E-commerce invoicing


Need advice on best way to do things, I’m in the middle of having a e-commerce site built and have got to the invoice stage and realised they have a rubbish invoice.
Do send a second invoice from quick file? But this seems extra work which leads me to the second question.
Also what would be the best way to put all the site sales on to quick file - customer by customer or put a total amount of sales at end of day?

Hi @Peter

As long as you have one copy of an invoice to present to the customer with the required information (required by HMRC), then there would be no need to issue a second invoice.

If you anticipate a lot of sales, you can just log them daily/weekly under a generic customer name. Check this article out:

If the site is being built for you, you may want to ask your developer to take a look at our API. This could save you quite a bit of work too :slight_smile:

My web designer has stated they don’t have a API yet but have stated they can produce a order export in the format required, can I do this with quickfile?

We do currently support the import of clients (take a look here for details), and also the import of single line invoices (see here). However, we don’t currently support the import of multi-line invoices.

You say that your web designer doesn’t have an API - they wouldn’t need one, they would just send the details over to our system using our API. There’s details on how they can do this here

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