EC Sales submission failure

Submitted a VAT return which was successful and because i had outside EC sales i got sent a link to the EC sales form, which i tried to submit and it failed. It was then i realised that the client hadn’t had his VAT number in his client details so wasn’t in the submission form.

I have now added his VAT number, how do i add this to the submission as I can’t see a way of doing it?

Thanks in advance


Once you update his VAT number in the client settings you should be able to return to the EC sales list form and resubmit. You can find the EC sales list by going into the VAT return to which it corresponds.

Strange, when i went into the client file it hadn’t saved?

Okay, it’s there now but still failed, so I removed the IE as indicated in a few other threads where there were problems and it’s still failed?

The number i have is IE*******V , Seven numbers in between the IE and V, is that right for validation as this is the error i’m getting

“EC Sales submission to HMRC failed.
By Gateway : Authentication Failure. The supplied user credentials failed validation for the requested service”

Sorry I’m so high maintenance at the moment Glenn :blush:

The error you’re getting indicates that you’re not enrolled with HMRC to submit electronic EC Sales. Similar to this thread I think.

Ah there you go, I’ll give them a ring now and sort that, thanks Glenn :smile:

I’ll add to the thread when i get an update

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As ever Glenn, spot on with the diagnosis, wasn’t enrolled for the service. Logged on to the government gateway to enrole and I get a code sent through the post to activate the service. Once this is done I can re-submit using Quickfile.

Thanks ever so much for your help, you have the patients of a saint :wink:

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Excellent, glad you sorted this!

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