Emailed receipts not showing

I emailed 2 receipts yesterday and they are not showing this morning, I have checked the emails are registered and the receipts were attached as PDF’s


I had a problem a while back where my receipts weren’t getting through because they were being treated as spam by gmail (receipts@quickfile is, or at least was at the time, a gmail mailbox, and if the gmail tools treat your domain as spam then QuickFile doesn’t see the message). You can check whether this is the case by sending the same email to a gmail address of your own and see if it gets sent to spam.

An alternative might be to try the Dropbox integration, or my connector for Google Drive, to import receipts from there. I have the google drive connector set up and then in the gmail app I can just save attachments direct to the drive folder that then syncs to QuickFile.

Thanks Ian,

Ive just tried and yes googlemail has dumped it in the spam box. I’ll try the google drive option.

If you have your own domain then look at setting up proper SPF and DKIM, and possibly DMARC to tie it together. Doing this seemed to help cure the problem of gmail treating everything as spam for my own domain.

I have found your guide setting up the google drive folder using the API feature and your google sheets document, and it works perfectly, thank you.

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Hi @ianatFPG

As @ian_roberts mentions, the receipts inbox is actually a Google mailbox (which is then processed by us).

The spam filter is pretty good but there are occasional emails that get caught up. We do manually review these on a regular basis and release them, so you may very well see these appear in your account before the end of today.

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