Entering the information from receipt book takes an age, does it have to

I sell items to shops and they normally pay me with cash (occasionally by cheque). I give them a written receipt from my receipt book. When it comes to accounting time it take (me) an alternate entering the information in QF. I first create a new invoice and type in the info., then save it and enter the payment. This take me an age, is there a better way??? When i entered the info in a spreadsheet I could do it really quick. N

Hi @Nickinkent

There are a few options here.

  1. Importing from a .csv file (spreadsheet). Save the spreadsheet as a .csv file, and use the invoice importer. This does however only use 1 line for the description, but it can help speed up the process. There’s more on this here.

  2. Use the Cash Register Tool. This tool is designed with shops in mind. When it comes to daily sales, it’s the general consensus that you don’t know every one of your customers, so you can log the sales as one name, e.g. “Daily Sales”. There’s more on this here.

  3. Log sales at regular intervals. You could even do this with the cash register tool, but all it means is to log sales on a weekly basis rather than daily for example. It all depends on your volume of sales really. You can read more here.

The thing to remember when bulk logging your sales (such as using the cash register tool), is if HMRC ever queried where something came from, could you prove it? Assuming you have an actual cash register in your shop, they often produce reports which can back up your invoices in QuickFile. You could even import a PDF or JPG of them and attach it to the sales invoice for easy referencing.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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