EORI Number

Hello, how do I add our EORI number to appear on our invoices underneath our VAT number?

Many thanks

If you don’t use all of the available invoice labels you could change one of them. Have a look here:

and here for the labels:

For example if you don’t use Purchase Ref you can change it to EORI No. by adding

.transform-invLabel_03 {
content: “EORI No”;

to your css.
Go to one of your invoices and select Invoice style gallery
Then click on Customise this style on top of your invoice style templet.
Thenpop the CSS in the editor that’s opened - at the bottom is usually best. Then click Save

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Following the changes yesterday, we have now added an option to record this in the Management Information section, found under Account Settings.

This doesn’t appear on invoices, however, as there isn’t a requirement to show it (see here).

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