Existing power user company if I bring in as client

Hi there is an existing QuickFile client who is a power user and pays £45 per month. If I create him as a client and is an XL client so will he be charged as well as us paying to be on affinity?



The £45 is per year not per month. And I think yes, you have to pay for your affinity and your client for the power user subscription if he/she would like use the power user features and/or has more than 1000 ledger entries. Have a look here: Affinity User & Power User
and here Is Affinity subscription in addition to the client subscription?
I do not work for quickfile so I could be wrong.

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Just to add to @rhc’s post - the power user subscription does come with additional features and is a separate product to Affinity, which in turn comes with its own features.

If when the power user subscription expires the account is linked to Affinity, it’s optional regardless of the account size.

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Thanks Understood, they are two separate things

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