Exporting detailed transactions

My accountant has asked for a detailed break down of the nominal trial balance…
Other postings on simlar topics seem to be pointing me to the backup.
I can see journals in the backup also sales Invoices and Purchase Invoices but I cannot see an export of the detailed Invoices by Revenue code or Expense code respectively.
I assume I’m looking in the wrong place. Can anybody point me in the right direction please?

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Hi @hartfamily

The back up is correct. There’s instructions on how to find this report here.

Please let me know if you need further help.

Thanks. That looks absolutely fine. Problem was that Nominal Ledger is not included in weekly backup!

I’m afraid this report only appears when you run an “on-demand” backup, it’s not included in the regular weekly/monthly backups. This report is quite heavy to run so we don’t run it as standard across all accounts as part of the regular schedule.

Thanks for this clarification. However, even when I run an On demand backup I only get a summary Nominal Ledger by nominal code - it doesn’t list all of the transactions. There used to be an option to do this when I prepared my books for my accountant last year. Is this still possible?

Please ignore my last comment - was looking at the wrong report!!

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