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Feature Request - Preview of Tagged Transaction

Hello, I have a lot of transactions and a lot of tagging rules hence a lot of confirmations needed.

It would really help if there was a preview of the confirmed tagged transaction and a single click to confirm.

At the moment, we need to click on the confirm button, then confirm again once the tag has been checked.

I am also in favour of another feature request for multiple confirm tagging.

Both the above will immensely reduce the amount of clicks required to update the accounting.

Sorry the other feature request mentioned has been closed -

But think it is a great idea

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We’ve reopened the other thread - apologies for that

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Hi http2000,
Perhaps you know it already. If not, do you know that you can change your auto-tagging rules to be completely automated? On your tagging rules page you can enable auto-tagging and then click the third circle under Status next to the rule which could be auto-tagged without to be checked. The circle becomes green when enabled. Is the middle circle orange then you have to confirm your auto-tag.
If you know this already, just ignore it :upside_down_face:

Thanks @rhc that will help a lot!

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Thanks @QFMathew I am guessing not many others are interested in it but good to see again