General advice - iZettle and café sales/purchases

Morning. I have been using qf for some time now and it’s been fabulous. Thank you.
However I am moving from the building trade into the cafe trade and need to ensure QF is still suitable.

Building was easy raised an invoice, got paid that was it. But now I run a small coffee shop.
I have seen the cash register feature - excellent. I deal 90% in cash and pay by cash to my suppliers. Do I do all this through petty cash?
Also I get a lot of shopping receipts each week. Will I be ok uploading 5 till receipts a day or so?
1 more, any plans to integrate with Izettle?
Many thanks

Hi @Mark_Woodward

Generally you would treat “Petty Cash” as “Cash in Hand”. If/when you deposit this to a bank account, you would “transfer” the funds from Petty Cash to the bank account on QuickFile, therefore reflecting what actually happens.

So in a nutshell - yes, you would do it through petty cash.

I can’t see an issue with this. The receipt hub (tied with Dropbox or emailing in your receipts/invoices) should work well with this.

Nothing on our planner at this moment in time, but you may wish to add your support here: Zettle integration

Hope that helps?

Many thanks for your help. Much appreciated

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