Google Calender - create invoices/estimates from events

I do the accounts through quickfile for my village hall the booking clerk uses Google calendar to list bookings is there a way this could be linked in to pick up dates and sessions for a hirer as this is currently manually entered which very time consuming for all 15 regular hirers many who have 5-8 sessions a month I’m sure we are not the only one who does estimates and invoices until through appointments as we like to list dates and times so the clients can check what they have used.

While I don’t work for QuickFile, I’d imagine the best approach would be to have a look at their API and work out a link through there. QuickFile is generic in the way that it’s not tailored to any particular business. However, wait and see what @Glenn has to say :smile:

Right now our native Google Calendar integration is push only, i.e. it will allow you to create entries in a calendar based on something like an invoice due date or end of year deadline. You can’t pull events from Google Calendar and use their respective dates to bind against invoices/estimates.

This is something that is outside the scope of what QuickFile seeks to achieve. There are so many different applications and types of businesses using QF we can only really support a handful of popular routines/apps, for everything else there’s the API.

Also Zapier may allow you to solve this, we will likely start exploring this soon.


You might be able to export the calendar and manipulate in order to upload into qf using bulk invoicing. I’ve seen a number of calendar to excel exports out there.



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Also interested in such a feature as I do invoices for my local chairty run village hall and we like to log the dates and times a group uses the hall when we invoice them, having to manually enter currently.

Our website uses google calender to show the booking calender and would save us a huge amount of time just pulling the data accross to create and invoice or estimates on cost of hire.

@Austin_Powell_A - Have you had a look at Zapier to get around this?

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