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Granting my accountant access


I’ve tried to add my accountant as a Team Member to grant him access my QF account, but it states the following:
“This Email address has already been registered to another QuickFile account. To manage multiple QuickFile accounts from a single email login please register to use Affinity.”

What do I or my accountant need to do resolve this issue?


Hi @HRDavies

This means that your accountant already has access to an account with QuickFile. We operate a one account per email policy so it’s not possible to re-use the same email address for another account.

There are two options here:

  1. Use an alternative email address or an email address trick outlined in this post
  2. Your accountant can sign up for QuickFile Affinity, which allows them to access multiple accounts using one email address and password. It also has many other benefits which are outlined here

Giving accountant access

I am just looking for support a similar theme. I have a new client using Quickfile, in the past I have tested the software and so my email address is linked, so I cannot be given access to my new client, I have completed the QuickFile Affinity Link but am struggling to see how I can be granted access as her accountant.

Can you help


Hello @Chelle

If you’ve set up an Affinity account, the first step would be to link their QuickFile account to your Affinity profile. You can do this from the Affinity dashboard by clicking “Add a new profile”.

This will send them an invite, and once they accept it, their account will appear on your dashboard for you to access it.

I hope this helps!