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HMRC connection expiring

I have used the link to re connect to HMRC as it expires in Jan 2021, I have checked everything but still the status has failed, can anyone help me with this/

Did you disconnect the old authorisation first? And have you definitely created a new authorisation for the correct Government Gateway account if you have more than one? Some people have separate accounts for VAT and for personal taxes like self assessment.

I had not disconnected the old one but I have since disconnected but it still didn’t work. I have only one account, when I hover over the failed it
comes up with the message NOT FOUND The remote endpoint has indicated that no data can be found

My connection expired last month and I managed to reconnect it, but one thing is worrying me slightly - I’m sure it was in my VAT settings but I remember seeing a little box with “version 1.0” and “version 2.0” somewhere in there.

Anyway, it was set at version 1 and I clicked on version 2 and think I changed the setting to that. Now I can’t find the box any more and have a feeling I should still be on version 1.

Does anyone else have a box in their MTD VAT settings with version 1 and 2? Sorry to hijack the thread.

If you go to reports in quick file and go down to VAT returns, there is a box in there with version 1 or version 2.

Hi @bato

If you try to create a VAT return, what periods do you see, if any? My guess would be either there are none, or you’ll see an “unauthorised” message.

If it’s that the periods are incorrect or missing, you would need to speak with HMRC regarding this, as they control this list.

Unfortunately on mine, it’s disappeared.

Can one of the support team please look at this when they get a minute?

I suspect that once you’ve upgraded to version 2 of the VAT form it won’t be possible to go back to version 1, but that shouldn’t have any effect on your ability to connect or disconnect HMRC accounts. If things stop working for any reason I’d always recommend “starting from scratch”, i.e.

  • disconnect all accounts from your reports -> HMRC page in QuickFile
  • make sure you’re completely logged out of the government gateway at tax.service.gov.uk (if you’re not sure about this then the simplest thing to do is open an “incognito” or “private” browser window as that ignores any existing sessions - on the gateway and on QuickFile - and disables any browser add ons that might be interfering)

Now you can run through the connect procedure again and make sure you’re definitely logging in to the right gateway account.

If I try to create a VAT return it only comes up with the filed one that was completed in March 2020.
My next one is not due until March 21 as I am on annual accounting and only submit 1 return per year.

In that case:

The list of available periods comes directly from HMRC. I’m on normal quarterly returns and I know that new returns only appear in my list about 2-3 months ahead of the period end date, if it’s the same for annual accounting then you may find HMRC only add the March 21 return to your list of obligations some time during January.

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Thank you I will wait until January and try again,

I have received a letter from HMRC saying that Quickfile VAT MTD submission Format is not going to be supported and advising to find an alternative MTD compliant software?

Hi @rwmotobiker

The letter refers to the older VAT format (XML), not the MTD one.

Please see this topic for more details: VAT Returns - HMRC letter regarding XML software

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