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HMRC MTD connection Bridging


We are having problem to connect one of our company with HMRC through your portal for VAT MTD/.
See error below.



Hi @alfi82,

Have you checked your VAT number is correct and updated it through the link on the error?

Hi beth

Done so, waited 24h still not connected.
Can you please check?

Hi @alfi82,

When you say Done, have you changed your VAT number? Have you worked your way through this guide as this may help too?

Making Tax Digital: Troubleshooting

Hi Beth

Yes I have done that. Still not able to connect…
Let me know

If you are seeing an error, what is the error that you are seeing?

It is still the same as I sent you two days ago nothing changed.

Hi @alfi82,

If that is the case then you need to update your VAT number, the number you have entered is incorrect and is not a valid VAT number

I have done that and vat number is correct.
so not sure, are you able to log in somehow?

Please could you send a private message with your QuickFile account number to @QFSupport,

I can take a look and check your settings

The number in the error in the original post isn’t a valid VAT No. though. Have entered your VAT No. or just this same other number again?

Hi beth

This is our account number


Account: [removed]

Hi @alfi82,

You have given me your Affinity account number (I have removed it from your post as this is a public forum). I need to know which QuickFile account you want me to look at.

thanks beth,

its cem kings road sagl

Hi @alfi82

I can see that the error returned now is slightly different to the original one.

The error returned now suggests that either:

  • This VAT entity isn’t registered for Making Tax Digital
  • It’s the wrong HMRC account (e.g. this one may be authorised for Corporation tax, but not VAT)
  • They have signed up to MTD but haven’t been accepted by HMRC, and waited 48-72 hours

If you log into the linked HMRC account directly, do you see an option for MTD?

Hi Matt
Had to register first - all done now and hope it works this time.


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