How can I Edit Invoice Template Labels, please?

Hi QuickFile Developers!

How may I change the Sales invoice label “Purchase Ref.” for “Child/ren Ref.” to bill nursery fees, please?

I have read an old thread that led me to CSS and HTML Customisations but when I click on the “Preset Templates” everything is blank, no HTML code, nichts, nada, lol.

How may I find the “Purchase Ref.” label so that I can change it by editing on it, please?

Thank you in advance and kind regards, Alicia

Hi @Alicia

We use a little thing called CSS Transformations. It involves putting a few lines in your invoice style CSS to change a specific label.

There’s more details, including a “map” of the fields, here: CSS transformations

The “Purchase Ref” specifically, is .transform-invLabel_03. This can be used like this:

.transform-invLabel_03 {
    content: "New Label";

Hi QFMathew

Thanks for your prompt reply and the valuable information.

Just one thing; where do I click to get to the static CSS label, please?

Kind regards, Alicia

We have a list of the labels here: Language Table for Invoices and Estimates

You can use any of them by previewing an invoice, clicking the green “Invoice Gallery” button in the top left corner:
Pick your template (current one should already be selected), and click the orange “Customise this style” option:
Lastly, pop the CSS in the editor that’s opened - at the bottom is usually best.

And then save. The page will refresh, and the label update.

Hi QFMathew

There it is! From the invoice view!

I kept going to settings, lol.

Thank you so much!


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Hi again QFMathew

I have managed to change the labels and even a title colour and saved my changes to a Custom template that I called “Nursery Sales Invoice Layout”.

The problem is that when I print a new invoice, the only thing that is different to QuickFile template is the title colour. None of my labels show as I saved them.

Do you have any idea why my labels don’t save, please? These are as follows:

Thank you in advance. I hope you can help.

Hi @Alicia

Let’s take a look at this for you. I’ll send you a private message shortly to get some account details from you :slight_smile:

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