How do I attach an image of a document to a journal?

How do I attach an image of a document to a journal.

There isn’t a way to attach documents to journals. What are you trying to do? Maybe someone could suggest a workaround for you

When you process an Accrual you need to Dr the Expense and Cr Accruals. Then when you pay you Dr the Accrual and Cr Bank Account/Directors Loan

With the current functionality you can only Dr and Expense and Cr a Bank Account or a Directors Loan Account, so for an accrual you are not able to attach a copy of the Supplier invoice as the Cr is never to one of the current allowable GL’s

The same applies to a Journal as with every Journal you should be attaching supporting documentation to substantiate.

Hope this helps and thanks for the quick response.

At the moment you cannot attach images/scans directly to journals. You can however upload the supplier invoice to the Document Management area, there are a number of folders you could store this under and include the journal reference in the file name.

We do plan to extend the functionality of the document management system in the future so we will bear this in mind.

In the mean time I will update this post to a “Feature Request”.

Hi Glen, thanks for the quick response. What you suggested is what I have been doing in the interim so we are both thinking the same way.

As an aside my accountant thinks your product is great and it has certainly saved me money on my annual audit.

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I was reading this and thought to suggest if this can also be linked to a google drive folder that has sub folders.
this way the files could be accessed both directions from gdrive & QF

Hi @donor_relations

The suggestion of a Google Drive link has come up before on the forums. You may wish to take a look at this topic for more details:

I will have a good read of it, i have used zapier before, not sure if it moves images, currently i cannot see the receipts in the dropbox backup folder

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I’d appreciate possibility to attach a document to journal too - to keep link with related calculations, forms and reports.

I have a receipt of purchases where I have only claimed part of it as a business expense, but because I split the transaction, and used a journal to do so, I can’t attach a receipt (as I would normally do from the receipt hub). So, more flexibility on attaching stuff would be great

You’re right that you can’t directly attach files to journals, I used to just put files in the document manager and then paste the link into the journal notes but I’m not sure that works any more now QuickFile have changed the place they host uploaded files.

For part personal purchases like this what I generally do is record them as a purchase as normal but with two lines to make it clear

  • total amount £X as per the supplier invoice
  • less: -£Y for personal use

When the bank payment comes in I either tag the payment (of the full amount) as a transfer to drawings and then pay the purchase from the same drawings account, or tag as payment to a supplier, pay down multiple invoices, which uses some of the payment to pay the business purchase and the rest unallocated, then go into the payment record and “refund balance” to drawings. Either way the net effect is the same - £X + VAT out of the current account, £X-Y to P&L with the VAT accounted for, and £Y + the VAT on that Y as drawings.