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How do I record dividend payments from the company

I set up a ltd company in 2015 and would now like to pay out some dividend payments to shareholders how do I record this in Quickfile and how do I tag it?

thank you for your help with this

Tag it to a/c 3102 Dividends Paid , on bank screen click tag, click salary dividends , pick dividends option

thank you so much for the how to and for such a speedy reply! I will go and try that now. :smile:

Merry Christmas and Very Happy New Year to everyone ! :slight_smile:

One more question on the subject:
When tagging dividend payment, will QuickFile produce dividend voucher?

Thank you

No it will not. But there are plenty of examples online how to format your own on word etc.

HELLO Support team,

Question on the subject, it seems now dividend vouchers created, but where they are stored in the system? Can I print them if I need to?

Thank you

Hi @IrMa

this may help: Create Dividend Vouchers in QuickFile

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