How do VAT errors get adjusted on return I want to delete a sale

The credit note would have needed to be dated the same as the original invoice - so if it is not showing in the download for the VAT return then it may be that it isn’t dated correctly.

You can also check by seeing if the credit/invoices have been locked by a VAT return. If they are not showing the lock then they haven’t been included

Hi Beth,

Thanks for that.

How do you check about the locked invoices and credit notes?

It has taken a lot of persistence and time for me to get that information fromQF. I hope the date change works on the next VAT return in 3 months. QF causes me a lot of stress and I dread using it.

For an ordinary person trying to understand how the VAT software works is a real nightmare. Why isn’t there more detailed knowledge on this?

Also thank you Ian for trying to help me.

When you go into the invoice you will see this message if it is locked:

Apologies that you feel this way - If you are Accrual accounting then this looks at the dates of the invoices - if you are raising corrections with invoices and credit notes then these should all match the date of the original invoice to keep things in line and correct in terms of the VAT returns. If you are dating things outside of a VAT return then it will not be pulled through

If you wanted to save a lot of stress and errors, perhaps consider using bank statement uploads or banking feeds.

That way you don’t accidently create duplicate invoices and make errors in your vat.

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