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How to create staged invoices from an estimate


Hi @BigDan

There hasn’t been any changes here I’m afraid.

However, your interest has been noted and we’ll let you know here if anything does change.


Staged invoicing would be useful for our business. Currently, we have to raise an estimate - convert to invoice - delete some lines off invoice - send invoice - go back to estimate - revert back to draft - delete the lines invoiced and flag as sent again. This is the process we have to go through for every client as we have multiple lines on all orders and all invoiced at different times. So as you can see it would be very helpful to have a select line items to invoice , leaving the rest in the estimate type of process


I’d definitely support a “pay by instalments” option for invoices. We often sell packages that can be bought in one go or across several months and it’s tedious setting up the multiple invoices for them. Being able to make one invoice then set it to collect £X initially and £Y every {week/month/etc.} would be really helpful.

It’s possible a next iteration on that would be to set up the payments but only collect them on a manual action to progress through each stage - you’d need some report to see partial invoices that need pushing forwards though.


Interested on this too.