HSBC Auto feeds has never worked

Hi we use HSBC and i’ve historically imported our bank feeds using the chrome plugin. When we renewed we added on the automatic bank feeds plugin and set it up. But its never worked.

could you check it on our account?


Hi @DesignStitchSew

I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with your Yodlee feed.

Have you tried manually refreshing your feed? If so and if that doesn’t work, could you tell me what error message(s) you are seeing please?

Isn’t HSBC one of the banks that requires two factor authentication with no alternative mechanisms available? If so the yodlee feed cannot run unattended, you have to refresh it manually and enter a secure key code each time.

@ian_roberts - Spot on. I seem to have read over the word “Auto” in the thread title.

@DesignStitchSew - As Ian mentions, due to the way HSBC works (requires a unique code at each login), it’s not possible to automate it. Unfortunately, it’s one of the few banks that require this.

For reference, there’s a list of supported banks at the below link:

Ah right, didnt realise this. Ok understoood.

Many thanks chaps

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