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Importing Directors Expenses from expense software

Hello ; I would appreciate some help.

I use Xpenditure (manage.xpenditure.com) to record all my personal expenses which may be claimed from the complany or re-charged to clients. My book keeper has asked me to export the expenses records from Xpenditure as a .csv file and import into the DLA account so they can be tagged before I repay myself. I have a question which I can’t seem to answer :blush: is there a format for the import file which I need to follow so that the DLA doesn’t get messed up eg. date, journal_1, journal_2, amount_in, amount_out?

Thanks, I hope, for your help

Hi @sw_dexterisys.com

The DLA is just a virtual bank account, so you can import transactions there using this guide.

However, what I suspect you’d want to do is more of create a purchase invoice for the expenses and tag that as a payment from the DLA (therefore showing the business owes it). In that case, you can use this guide to import the purchase invoice. This will however create a new invoice for each line in the CSV file, so you could lump them together as 1 total, and attach a report from Xpenditure (say a PDF report for example) as evidence.

I hope that helps?