Include matching against partially paid sales invoice amounts

Our clients usually pay an invoice in two parts - a 30% deposit, and then a 70% final balance.

As such, we do not benefit from matching against unpaid sales invoices.

What would be very helpful, is if the matching algorithm could also try to match a against a partially paid invoice.

i.e we have raised a sales invoice for 1000, and have already received 300 payment, leaving an unpaid amount of 700. Ideally, when we receive the 700 balancing payment, and tag, the payment is matched against the 700 partial amount on the outstanding invoice.

This would save a significant amount of time

Hi @Adam_Damree1

Thank you for your suggestion. We’ll leave this thread open for others to add their comments and votes, and we will certainly take a closer look at this if there’s enough interest.

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+1 from me, but less of an issue for my business (volume means I can do this manually)

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The issues are related & very similar to feature request post

I hope QF developing team looks at this soon.



This would be a great feature. A lot of our clients pay a small deposit when invoiced and then the balance closer to the booking date.