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Introducing the QuickFile iOS App

As part of the next App update will you be looking at opening up the beta group to accept more users at all?

~ I’d like to set it up on my wife’s iPhone as the easy receipt scanning feature will be a big plus for us :wink:

Both the iOS app and the Android app are generally available now to all users. The Android app is on version 2.0 and the iOS app will follow next week. App Store links can be found below:


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@cjdshaw this is now supported in version 2.0.

Just downloaded the IOS app and must say am very impressed with it.

I’m just wondering if there are any futures plans to allow FaceID to sign into the app rather than having to type in user code and password each time?

Hi @Harvie

That’s good to hear. We intend to add support for a 5 digit passcode lock screen, as this will have universal support. We’ll then look at fingerprint and face ID.

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Excellent, looking forward to it.

Hi, I use your app regular and it was working fine so far. But for the last few days I have always to enter my log in details (email address, password and second security step) which is a bit annoying and time consuming. There was a bigger apple software update a week ago or so. Could it be that and if so could someone look into it please? Or did something change on quickfile side?


Hi @rhc

Yes we are aware of this particular problem and it was actually patched on Android last week. We’re having a few policy issues getting our latest build accepted by Apple, we have a call scheduled in a couple of days so hopefully we can clear that up and get that fix rolled out.

Thank you for your patience.


I am finding the same, having to enter my details every time I open the app to capture a receipt. I use lastpass, but it doesn’t seem to want to work with your app either, so I have to type the password in each time, which is very time consuming - compared to when the app just opened straight up - I have an iphone XS

@rhc @mickcox

This issue is fixed in version 2.0.22 now available on the Apple Store. Apologies for the delay, Apple’s review procedures can be very frustrating at times.

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Thanks Glenn, it now works with lastpass so a lot faster to log in.

If quickfile could intergrate with face ID then it would be instant, but I don’t know what that may involve so I won’t moan!

Thank you - I love quickfile.

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Thanks for the feedback @mickcox. FaceID may be something we can include in the future. I know our team are working on adding ways of securing the app further, so watch this space!

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Morning Glenn,
Thanks for letting me know. I updated your Quickfile app and it looks like it is working now. Thanks again for your fast fix.