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Inventory items for purchase orders


I note that the system allows for the production of sales invoices from an inventory list but there isn’t a similar function on the purchase order/invoice side. I’m sure many businesses that purchase goods for resale would need the same inventory items for placing purchase orders as are needed to create a sales invoice so is there a way of linking the inventory to both sales and purchase functions? Or even creating the same thing but for purchases?

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There aren’t any current plans for introducing an inventory system for purchase orders. Even the purchase order feature itself is still relatively new.

What you can do however for repeat orders is find a previously issued purchase order and copy it using the orange chasing arrows icon.


thanks but unfortunately that doesn’t really assist as there are no previous purchase orders for a business new to using Quickfile and even if there were it assumes that your want to re-order exactly the same items which is rarely the case.

It wasn’t a full inventory system that we were requiring it was just an easy way to upload product details when raising a purchase order the same as you have already implemented on the sales side. If a business has hundreds of products they don’t want to have to type in the product code and description every time they place an order with a supplier.


Could I “one-up” this request please?
Also, to add a quantity column too.


Any updates on this one Glenn? I have the products set up in the inventory but now want to order them from the supplier. I tried adding the product description, but then there is no quantity column or discount column (we buy this product at a RRP less a discount). Off I go back to a manual spreadsheet again for this task…???


I’m afraid it’s not something we’re working on nor is it something that’s on our near to mid term agenda. I will keep any eye on this though.


It seems strange that such a feature is not a part of Quickfile. To be able to order standard items for projects is something that I would have thought would go without saying. Instead I have to resort (as Rocky638 states) to an external system to pull information through and then add those bought items to a purchase after the event and increasing the work required. I know that to do stock control would be a major job but is not something I really need for my automation side. My wholesale side uses Easify which gives me the stock control etc I need there. Considering the form generation etc is already in place with the invoicing side I can see no real reason why this could not be implemented. I am very impressed with the other issues that have been resolved quickly, like the creation of the delivery note although the ability to do partial shipments from a large order would be nice but is something that we get around easily enough. Keep up the good work. We currently have 4 colleagues in other businesses using Quickfile and all are very happy with it.


I’d support the addition of quantity and inventory items for purchase orders.


Me too, would love the inventory to be more of a stock system, to purchase and sell items and maybe input margins for selling!
I appreciate that this is probably a huge job - just wondering if its any further along in your list of possible features?


We don’t need anything as sophisticated as some of the requests above so maybe plus 0.8 rather than plus 1.

As a volunteer run organisation inventory items would make completion of routine purchase orders much easier for us.


yes I would one up for this feature also.

it would make it much easier for us to produce purchase orders rather than doing each one individually.


I am pleased to confirm that we have now extended the inventory system to work with Purchase Orders.

You can get more information on this here.

Currently this facility is only available for purchase orders not invoices. If you would like this to work with purchase invoices to please let us know and we will consider extending it further.