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Inventory management


Is there any sort of inventory management that Quick File offer that can be linked with my account?


We have an integrated inventory management area but this is really only for templating invoices, so you can quickly populate invoices from your frequently used items. We don’t have any stock control functionality at this time.

Hi Glenn

Do you know when you might have any stock control functionality or if you will ever have it?


You may want to check out this topic:

@ryansb I’m sorry to say we’re not planning anything stock control related (at least not in the next 6 months), as mentioned in the other thread it’s a huge area in it’s own right and adds a ton of complexity to the system that we don’t feel is wise to embark on at this time.

We’re still committed to integrating with a good stand-alone system although unfortunately there isn’t huge consensus on which one would be the best fit. There are some suggested partners mentioned on the other thread so it may be worth taking a look.

Hi Glenn

No problem - many thanks for your responses

Is there any other new features that will be coming out on Quick File?


No problem, sorry it probably wasn’t the answer you were looking for.

All the features in the “planned” phase are on our short term development plan and should start to appear in the next few weeks.


Also 50% of what we do is just keeping QF stable and provisioning hardware to support the constant stream of new users. Keeping QF highly available and ensuring if a server blows up we don’t have hours of downtime.